Job ID:
Construction Manager
Applications Invited from Countries:
United States
Job Description

Required skills:

  • Need a person with actual Construction experience.  All the candidates we have seen lately have a ton of Commissioning and Integration experience or Switch experience but NO Construction experience.
  • Need a person who is motivated and will strive to find answers on their own without needing to be hand held.
  • Need a person who is comfortable in chaos and is not afraid to make a decision on their own.
  • Need a person who can adapt on the fly with the everyday changes we experience at Dish.  ADAPTABILITY is essential.
  • Need a person who can handle an enormous workload and can wear multiple hats everyday.
  • Need a person who can figure things out on their own.  CMs receive little to no direction on a daily basis and this individual will need to gather what information they can to make the best decision they can to keep sites moving forward.
  • Need a person who can budget their time in a very efficient manner.  
  • Need a person who is a Team Player

Some of the responsibilities of the CM position:

  • Redlining CDs from start to finish
  • BOM creation
  • Price review/PO creation
  • Site walks
  • Reviewing COPs
  • Negotiation with GCs and managing GCs
  • Managing site construction
  • Producing status reports
  • Answering any/all construction related questions
  • Coordinating with RF Engineering, Dish Site Acq Teams, FE personnel, Power personnel, Dish Mgmt, and Dish National, Managing all POST related site activities, and knowing how to use all internal Dish Databases.
  • This individual needs to have a very strong grasp of time management.  They will be responsible for all items above and will need to balance all activities and keep everything moving forward.

 Please note that we are looking for the Seattle region.