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QA Analyst/Engineer
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United States
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BR: $70.00 Hourly



Request #: 4954
Position Name: AR-SISCM - Automation Engineer
Status: Open

Start Date: 4/24/2023
End Date: 10/24/2023



• 6 years' experience in Python with Flask or Django

• 2-3 experience with react

• knowledge of no SQL databases (Cassandra, Mongo)

• Knowledge of caching systems (Redis)

• Knowledge of data science will be an added advantage Other Industry External Names for Role: Configuration Manager, Release Manager, Documentation Manager.


The Configuration Manager on ensures that solutions are handled in accordance with Solution Configuration Management Process and Ericsson standards The Configuration Manager should also assist the Customer Project Manager (CPM) in managing the customer relation with regards to Change control and make sure that a valid change process is implemented and followed.

Configuration Management is also to beapplied to control solution(s) during support and life cycle management.

Typical Interfaces The Configuration Manager main interfaces are the CPM, Solution Architect, Account – and Key account manager and Service Delivery Manager, and externally the customer.


RESPONSIBILITIES: • Manage and enforce a Solution Configuration Management strategy • Identify, organize, and control changes in an evolving solution • Maintain traceability throughout the life cycle of the solution • Develop the configuration management discipline • Assist the customer Project Manager in managing the customer relation with regards to change control COMPETENCIES: • Presentation & communication skills • Change management • Project management skills • Teamwork & Collaboration • Trade compliance knowledge • Writing & Reporting • Analyzing • Delivering Results & Meeting Customer Expectations • Planning & Organizing • Following Instructions & Procedures


EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS: The (external) ITIL certification of Configuration, Change and Release Management is required for Configuration Managers on stage 6 (Senior level). NB: the ITIL Foundation certification is a prerequisite for all further ITIL certifications. Focus areas of domain expertise: • BSS (Real time and converged solutions, Billing, Portals, Campaign mgmt, EAI and CRM) • OSS (Fulfillment, Assurance, EAI, customer experience management) • Cloud • Service Delivery and Service Enablement solutions and VAS (Value added services) transformation/consolidation; • TV & Media • IP and network knowledge


PREREQUISITE REQUIRED TRAINING/CERTIFICATIONS: Supplier is responsible for ensuring that Personnel have the necessary qualifications and certifications required to perform the Work described herein prior to beginning Work, including Ergonomics and any refresher training required to maintain such certifications. Supplier is responsible for tracking and will pay for forty (40) hours of training required for the Work per 12-month period including training fees, all training time, and any travel expenses and compensable travel time required to attend training. Ericsson will be responsible for time attending required weekly safety shorts and any additional training that is required for the Work and approved in advance by the Ericsson Resource Manager.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: *Note that Supplier is responsible for compensable travel time and expenses related to ensuring Personnel is in the Base Market at the start of the assignment and for Personnel’s demobilization out of the Base Market at the end of the assignment. In addition, Supplier is responsible for paying Personnel for compensable travel time to the first work site as designated by Ericsson and from the last worksite back home or to the hotel. Travel time (as opposed to mileage reimbursement) shall not be charged to Ericsson and Ericsson shall not pay Supplier for any such time. Personnel may charge compensable travel time between worksites during a workday in Ericsson’s time and expense tool. Supplier is also responsible for paying Personnel for all administrative time, for example, time spent setting up a computer, communicating with Supplier, completing paperwork or training required by Supplier, entering time into Supplier’s timekeeping system, etc. No administrative time may be charged to Ericsson or entered in Agency Handler without approval by the Ericsson Resource Manager. Bill rates include, and Supplier is responsible for (i) all reasonable living expenses within the Base Market; (ii) a smart phone with WiFi tethering, (iii) a laptop computer appropriate to meet the requirements of the assignment, and (iv) any other tools reasonably requested by Ericsson in order to meet the requirements of the assignment. Supplier is required to have its own timekeeping system to accurately record all hours worked by Personnel. Supplier is responsible for ensuring Personnel accurately record all time worked (whether it is chargeable to Ericsson or not) in Supplier’s timekeeping system and properly paying Personnel for that time, including any compensable travel time, training time, administrative time, etc., as applicable. ?


Location: United States-Kansas-Overland Park

Notes: Please submit your best two (2) eligible candidates. Ericsson FG ID - ERCSJP00047766
Site Address: 6100 Sprint Parkway Overland Park KS USA 66251