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The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has received federal ESSER funding as part of COVID relief.  This funding is used to implement two major Enterprise-wide applications.  For the two projects, an Enterprise-Wide Grant Management system (GMS), and the Data pipeline Modernization (DPM), CDE will be engaging a temporary part-time, contract Organizational Change Management Architect to support the change management process at the department. 

This engagement focuses on the people side of change at CDE, which will involve preparing, supporting, and equipping CDE staff and stakeholder groups to adopt and use changes to business processes, systems and technology for the Grants Management and Data Pipeline Modernization projects.

This position will be working closely with the project owners, stakeholder groups including school districts in Colorado, sponsors and managers of the Grants management and Data pipeline Modernization projects.

This position will be part time max 20hrs/week.



SECTION 2.0      General Requirements Summary

2.1.       Please submit only those candidates that have been proven to be excellent at change management which meet the following minimum requirements.

2.1.1.        A minimum of 5 years of experience in organizational change management (OCM) Note that a certification in Change Management will not be accepted in lieu of actual CM experience.

2.1.3.     Excellent written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills.

2.1.4.     A solid understanding of and demonstrated leadership guiding people through a change and the change process.

2.1.5.     Experience with and knowledge of organizational change management principles, methodologies, and tools (i.e., ADKAR – Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement)

2.1.6.     Excellent active listening skills

2.1.7.     Ability to clearly articulate messages to a variety of audiences

2.1.8.     Ability to establish and maintain strong relationships.

2.1.9.     Ability to influence others and move toward a common vision or goal.

2.1.10.    Flexible and adaptable; able to work in ambiguous situations.

2.1.11.    Resilient and tenacious with a propensity to persevere.

2.1.12.    Forward looking with a holistic approach to change management

2.1.13.    Problem solving and root-cause identification skills.

2.1.14.    Able to work effectively at all levels of an organization.

2.1.15.    Must be a team player and able to work collaboratively with and through others.

2.1.16.    Acute business acumen and understanding of organizational issues and challenges.

2.1.17.    Familiarity with project management approaches, tools and phases of the project lifecycle

2.1.18.    Experience with large-scale organizational change efforts

2.1.19.    Change management certification or designation desired.

2.1.20.    Ability to form strong relationships with all stakeholders to facilitate transparent and frequent communication.

Strong collaboration skills


2.1.29.    Detailed analytical and problem-solving abilities.

2.1.30.    Ability to build presentations and to present.

2.1.31.    Ability to pass a background check.

2.1.32.    Preferred:  Experience working within the education sector

2.2.       General Requirements

2.2.1.       The Contractor shall report to the Executive Director of ESSER Technology Projects and shall work closely and collaboratively with the Project Managers and Business Owners for each project to fully understand CDE’s business processes and best ways to use the new systems when operational. The contractor will also discuss suggestions or issues as they occur and incorporate suggestions or guidance from the Department while performing the work described within this Statement of Work and the purchase order.

2.2.2.       The Contractor shall work at the Colorado Department of Education’s main office located at 201 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203.  NOTE:  This requirement has been suspended during the COVID-19 Crisis.  A discussion and decision on work location will occur at the time of engagement and will be dependent on the situation at the time of engagement.  Applicants should assume the primary location for work will be the CDE’s main office.  CDE will provide Contractor with office space, phone, and internet access at CDE’s Colfax office subject to all applicable health and safety guidelines and requirements.  Contractor shall provide its own computer hardware and software necessary to perform the Work at CDE’s facilities.  Alternatively, Contractor may perform the Work remotely at its own facilities.  CDE will provide Contractor with virtual access to the data and systems necessary for completion of the Work. 

2.2.3.       The Contractor shall coordinate and prioritize all work to ensure that all deliverables and deadlines are met. 

2.2.4.       The Contractor shall employ an internal quality control process to ensure that all deliverables are complete, accurate, easy to understand, and of high quality. 

2.2.5.       The Contractor shall provide deliverables that, at a minimum, are responsive to the specific requirements, organized into a logical order, contain no spelling or grammatical errors, formatted uniformly, and contain accurate information and correct calculations.

2.2.6.       Contractor shall submit each Deliverable to the Executive Director of ESSER Technology Projects for review and approval.

2.2.7.       The Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the project and project acceptance. 

2.2.8.       The Contractor shall participate in the review and revision process, until the Department provides written acceptance of the deliverable.

2.2.9.       The Contractor shall provide copies of any supporting documentation to the Department upon request of the Department and without charge. 

2.2.10.    The Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voicemails and e-mail inquiries from the Department within one (1) business day.

2.2.11.    The Contractor shall enable all Contractor staff to exchange documents and electronic files with the Department staff in formats compatible with the Department’s systems.  The Department currently uses Microsoft Office 365 for PC.

2.2.12.    Contractor shall perform all work in accordance with all applicable federal and state statutes, regulations, and rules, as now and hereafter amended.

2.2.13.    Contractor may be privy to internal Department policy discussions, contractual issues, financial information, or other confidential Department information.  Contractor shall also treat any such information as confidential.

2.2.14.    All Work shall meet Department-approved format and content requirements.

2.2.15.    Contractor shall have and maintain all hardware, software, and interfaces necessary to access the Department’s systems without requiring any modification to the Department’s systems.  Contractor shall follow all Department policies, processes, and procedures necessary to gain access to the Department’s systems.  


       Duties may include some or all the following:

3.2.      Lead the organization change management activities for the ESSER funded technology projects (Grants management and Datapipeline Modernization projects). 

3.3.      Leverage a change management methodology, process and tools to create a strategy to support adoption of the changes required by a project or initiative.

3.4.      Support communication efforts of the GMS and DPM projects by enabling the design, delivery, and management of key communications.

3.5.      Working collaboratively with the project team members, assess the change impacts by conducting impact analysis, change readiness, and identifying key stakeholders. The level of formality shall be determined on a case-by-case basis and agreed upon with the Exec Dir of ESSER Tech Projects.

3.6.       Meet with users, business sponsors, and executive management to understand CDE business processes in the context of the new systems.

3.7.      Complete organizational change management assessments by communicating with the project stakeholders throughout

3.8.      Identify and manage anticipated change resistance by individual stakeholder groups. This includes identifying the sources of resistance, developing strategies to address the resistance, and monitoring the effectiveness of those strategies.

3.9.      Consult and coach project teams including project managers, owners, and sponsors on OCM practices.

3.10.  Develop and implement organizational change management plans to ensure that organizational changes are successful. This includes identifying and assessing the needs of the organization, developing a plan to address those needs, and implementing the plan

3.11.  Create actionable deliverables for any required "Extend" plans, such as the Resistance Management Plan

3.12.  Support organizational design and definition of roles and responsibilities

3.13.  Coordinate integration of change management activities into the project plan

3.14.  Evaluate and ensure user readiness

3.15.  Track and report issues

3.16.  Define and measure success metrics and monitor change progress

3.17.  Support change management at the organizational level

3.18.  Manage the change portfolio.

3.19.  Document updated expectations on a Deliverable Expectation Document (DED) that is used as the basis for quality reviews and acceptance criteria for the deliverable.

3.20.  Coordinate and prioritize all deliverables to ensure that all deadlines are met.

3.21.  Conduct multiple independent internal team reviews, as needed, before a deliverable is provided to the CDE.

3.22.  Use an iterative process for all deliverables starting by documenting the expectations surrounding each deliverable as described by contractual documents.

3.23.  Submit monthly detailed status reports to the project teams and to the Executive Director of ESSER Technology Projects.


*There is an opportunity for extension based on performance for this role. The funding supporting this role ends September 30, 2024.




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Organizational Change Management


Minimum of 5 years’ experience in OCM. A certification in Change Management will not be accepted in lieu of actual CM experience.


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