Job ID:
Associate Implementation Specialist
Applications Invited from Countries:
United States,Canada
Job Description

1)            Unpack and inspect hardware

2)            Rack, mount, and/or position the product & components

3)            Install and route power cables

4)            Install and route data cables

5)            Print and apply labels to newly installed cables

6)            Power on equipment

7)            Confirm server boots, check for error lights and obvious issues

8)            Configure an IP address on iDRAC

9)            Connecting to ToR switch

10)         Plan for a VCF on VxRail deployment

11)         Rack and cable VxRail hardware

12)         Configure VxRail node iDRAC and system time

13)         Validate the network for deployment

14)         Configuring the VCF software stack, and integrating it with existing IT environments.

15)         Conducting testing and validation to ensure the proper functioning of the VCF on VxRail solution

16)         Perform post-deployment validation talks

  • Domain professional level certifications"
  • 5+ years experience
  • Advanced capability and experience in implementing, configuring and integrating technology solutions