Job ID:
Implementation Specialist
Applications Invited from Countries:
United States,Canada
Job Description

1)            Unpack new Supported Product and inspect all hardware prior to installation.

2)            Install Customer-provided PDU(s) onto the rack, as needed for the proper power configuration.

3)            Install and route power cables.

4)            Mount rack related hardware (such as rails, brackets and tray) onto the rack.

5)            Physical installation of a Storage device as per Customer environmental needs to ensure that the device is ready for implementation.

6)            Physical installation of HBA/NIC adapters into hosts.

7)            Physical installation of Ethernet or Fibre Channel switches

8)            Configure network parameters including IP addresses, gateway, DNS, and hostnames.

9)            Label and Connect the Customer-provided cables to the Supported Product (i.e. Network, KVM, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, SAS), where applicable

10)         Organize, group and bind cables in an orderly fashion to allow for easy access to the Supported Product.

11)         For storage devices, install any necessary host adapter cards or expansion enclosures that have been purchased with the storage.

12)         Connect any interconnect cables.

13)         Power up the Supported Product, perform initial system boot and ensure that there are no visible fault indicators.

14)         Upon completion of the installation, document any deviations made from the original Design Documentation."                "

  • Domain professional level certifications
  • 5+ years expertise
  • Advanced capability and experience in implementing, configuring and integrating technology solutions