Job ID:
Associate Implementation Specialist
Applications Invited from Countries:
United States,Canada
Job Description

1.            Physical installation of each in accordance with specific Customer environmental needs to ensure that the device is ready for implementation in the Customer’s IP network environment.

2.            Firmware upgrades to vendor recommended version(s), as needed

3.            Configuration of the management interface, as needed

4.            Perform the installation tasks.

5.            Unpack and inspect all hardware prior to installation.

6.            Mount any necessary rack related hardware.

7.            Mount the switch into the rack.

8.            Install and route power cables.

9.            Label and connect network cable to switch management port.

10.         Install all optional cards/modules into the switch.

11.         Power on equipment and check for hardware fault indicators.

12.         Update switch operating system, as needed.

13.         Configure remote access for the switch, as needed

14.         For managed switches only, assign an IP address, mask and gateway information to the management port of the switch.

15.         Verify if remote access if working for the designated IP address.

16.         Do steps 1 to 11 for the Networking Firewall

17.         Configure firewall management - plan, execute the firewall initial wizard and assign an IP address, netmask, gateway, username and password.

18.         Using a customer provided cable, connect switch/Firewall management port to the existing network.

19.         Upon completion of the installation, shall document any deviations made from the original Design Documentation

  • Domain professional level certifications
  • 5+ years experience.
  • Advanced capability and experience in implementing, configuring and integrating technology solutions