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Systems Analyst 4
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United States
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Candidate must be local or willing to commute or relocate. 


No preference, locals are preferred


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Telecommuting will be contingent upon the key person providing their own adequate office equipment and connectivity. The key person should be available to work onsite within a reasonable timeframe.





The Office of Information Services (OIS) is a shared service provider for the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS). OIS provides the technology systems and services that support more than 18,000 OHA and ODHS agency staff at local offices and facilities around the state. These systems and services help the two agencies determine client service program eligibility; provide medical, housing, food, and job assistance; provide addiction, mental health, vocational, and rehabilitative services; protect children, seniors, and people with physical and/or developmental disabilities; process claims and benefits; manage provider licensing and state hospital facilities; and promote and protect the state public health.


The Provider Time Capture (PTC) Project requires experienced Application Systems Analysis/Programmer 4 support to meet the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act. The Cures act was designed to improve the quality of care provided to Consumers through furthered research, enhanced quality control, and strengthened mental health parity. This PTC project will implement a shared time capture solution for the Homecare Workers (HCW) and Personal Care Attendants (PCA) of the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Health Systems Division (HSD).

The following data elements are required to be captured electronically by Homecare Workers (HCWs) and Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) at the time of service:

·   Date of Service

·   Person Providing the Service

·   Person Receiving the Service

·   Time the Service Begins and Ends

·   Location of Service

·   Type of Service Performed

This project will be accomplished in 3 phases, with the team currently engaged in the second phase of the project.


The Key Person will be tasked to do the following:

·   Actively engage in multiple discussions with system and business experts for the Legacy Applications, complete updates to agreed-upon Legacy Application(s), and successfully complete unit testing of the enhanced Legacy Application(s)

·   Ensure that contractor-modified systems can successfully communicate from the Legacy Application end to the OR PTC DCI end and back.

·   Ensure all Legacy Application updates, including interfaces between the SI Contractor’s OR PTC DCI solution and Legacy Applications, are documented and traceable.

·   Develop database administration standards and processes, including change control, to inform Agency’s SDLC process, and train staff in the application and use of these standards and processes; data model-driven change implementation processes for example.

·   Provide data architecture training to development staff regarding the following topics: data modeling, data quality, data governance, database change management, standards development, data auditing and data governance.

·   Design, development, and unit testing that needs to be completed for the legacy applications has been documented in the Azure DevOps (ADOS) Backlog.

·   Provide feedback and input on the Provider Time Capture Project schedule, including identifying and recommending specific segments of enhancement work to be completed for agreed-upon legacy application(s) in a specific sprint.

·   Provide updates to current tasks and action items, upcoming tasks and action items, and plan work for the current and upcoming sprints.

·   Document Services completed under this task in the relevant Monthly Package.

·   Keep members of the Provider Time Capture Project apprised of status via daily updates within the ADOS.


Contractor’s Key Person shall:

·         Specific tasks completed by Contractor (including new and modified code tasks);

·         Specific tasks related to defects within ADOS that were reported, resolved, and unresolved;

·         Description of sprint activities with percentage complete;

·         Description of planned sprint activities not completed;

·         Description of project issues, risks or concerns that occurred or were worked during the reporting period;

·         Sprint goals planned for the next reporting period; and

·         List of daily updates made on assigned tasks within ADOS for the reporting period.

·         Technical specifications to include updates and updated tasks for ADOS inventory. The Technical Specifications must include database changes, changes to interface programs (both batch as well as online), and all use cases.

·         Created and updated unit test plans, as needed.

·         Created and updated unit test scripts.

·         New and modified code for sprint activities completed and in-progress.

·         Documentation of the review of all code changes with technical/system subject matter expert.

·         Updated application code including modifications per the accepted technical and design documents.

·         Updated applications from merged code sets.

·         Updated code change analysis documentation.

·         Write initial Technical Specifications (version 1.0)

·         Review existing Technical Specifications

·         Update existing Technical Specifications

·         Validate existing or Contractor-drafted Technical Specifications to make sure they address the requirements specified in the requirements and design documents for applicable Application(s).

·         Report at the conclusion of the WOC.

·         Contractor shall deliver technical specifications documents, which must include all the components specified in the Technical Specifications document template. Authorized Agency may revise the document template as needed.

o    The report must be a compilation of all the Technical Specifications submitted in the sprints in one cohesive package. This report must reflect all the Application changes made by Contractor, during the length of the WOC.

·         Contractor shall complete program code changes identified in the Sprint Planning meetings and documented in the accepted updated Technical Specifications Contractor prepared. Contractor must follow standard version control, configuration management principles, and SDD standards while making code changes. Contractor shall provide interim documentation of code modifications as part of the relevant Report Package.

·         Write and review test plans and test scripts for applicable application(s), including necessary changes to match the current accepted Technical Specifications.

·         Perform unit testing to ensure requirements are met and changed code works as specified.

·         Document, in ADOS, any system any issues identified in testing and changes made to resolve the issues. Testing must be completed successfully for the related task to be acceptable and the task completed.

·         Provide interim documentation of technical specifications as part of the relevant Report Package for Authorized Agency review and acceptance, and deliver cumulative, final technical specifications at the conclusion of all Tasks for applicable Legacy Application(s).


In addition to above mentioned tasks, the key person will:

1.     Unit Test Plan. Contractor shall provide a comprehensive unit test plan that will at a minimum lay out all major activities associated testing the code changes made by Contractor. The test plan must include scope of the changes, testing environment and the associated tasks completed.

2.     Unit Test Scripts. Contractor shall provide test scripts that reflect the detailed instructions for successful system testing completed by Contractor. The report must document the system functions in accordance with Authorized Agency accepted requirements and design after all the code changes are done. 

Required skills and experience:

·   COBOL (Expert level skill, 10+ years of experience required)

·   DB2 (Advanced level skill, 7-9 years of experience required)

·   CICS (Advanced level skill, 7-9 years of experience required)

·   TSO (Advanced level skill, 7-9 years of experience required)

·   JCL (Advanced level skill, 7-9 years of experience required)

·   CA Debugger (Advanced level skill, 7-9 years of experience required)

·   Strong independent work capabilities required

·   Ability to communicate clearly, with the ability to engage in multiple discussions with system and business experts regarding the work

In addition, the ideal candidate will have skills and experience in:

·   Demonstrated knowledge of relevant functional business areas of Oregon Self-Sufficiency Program (SSP) and Oregon Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) programs and processes, or similar knowledge from other states.

·   Previous experience in state or local Oregon government agencies or for Human Services organizations in other states.

·   Demonstrated experience with large-scale complex technical architectures that include interfaces with other large-scale systems.

·   Demonstrated knowledge with logging of communication between large-scale systems.

·   Demonstrated knowledge in the handshake between interfacing systems to ensure proper reception and synchronization of records; this should specifically include experience developing and testing web services across multiple platforms.

·   Demonstrated experience working independently with minimal supervision and direction.

·   Demonstrated experience developing analysis and design documentation necessary for the construction, testing and implementation of identified tasks to be completed.


Reviews, analyzes, and modifies programming systems including encoding, testing, debugging, and installing to support an organization's application systems. Consults with users to identify current operating procedures and to clarify program objectives. Requires a bachelor's degree in area of specialty and at least 6 years or equivalent experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. May lead and direct the work of Contractor staff. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.


Our primary criteria are the qualifications and experience of the proposed key person. Please propose your strongest candidate, at a rate less than or equal to the maximum.

Interviews will be conducted via MS Teams. Interview times will reflect Pacific Standard Time.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we anticipate two weeks or more for the background check completion for the selected candidate.

The selected key person could potentially telecommute, as agreed to between the Agency Authorized Representative and the key person. Any decision to allow telecommuting is made with the understanding that decision will be re-evaluated by the Agency Authorized Representative on a regular basis. The key person should be available to work onsite within a reasonable timeframe.

Telecommuting will be contingent upon the key person providing his/her own adequate computer, monitor(s), Internet connection, and telephone, and be readily available during normal working hours via phone, email, or instant message. Access to Agency systems will be provided via Citrix Remote Desktop or similar software. No hardware or additional software will be provided at the key person's home site or his/her PC, unless a specific device is required to perform assigned duties (such as Multi-Factor Authentication devices).