Job ID:
EME Field Surveyor
Job Description
Coordinate with Client Management to determine which sites and when they are to be surveyed ? Follow specific directions and procedures to gain access to sites utilizing site access procedures and perform the requested tasks and measurements per instructions gained at Client Training Course and industry safety standards. ? Maintain professional and courteous conduct. ? EME Testing is performed to measure the RF radiation levels on rooftops to assure compliance with FCC standard on Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE). ? Log the EME value at 5-10 feet distances throughout the rooftop in both spatial avg and max mode. ? Log contour measurements in both spatial and max hold mode ? Log MPE value based on time average measurements ? Identify and take pictures of all the carriers on the rooftop. ? Identify and take pictures of any BTS equipment/shelter on the rooftop. ? Take pictures of all the existing RF signage on display on the roof accesses and on the rooftop. Take note of any missing RF Signage. ? Measure the dimensions of the rooftop. ? Draw a sketch of the rooftop and mark the points at which the EME values were measured. In some cases, the sketch will be provided to you ? Provide recommendations on whether the site passes EME testing or not based on the measured EME values and the RF signage. ? Complete the survey report in the survey tool app correctly ? Follow the proper renaming procedure for photos (as indicated at the Client Training Course) and do the appropriate photo rotations and preparations if the App is not being used for any reason. ? Upload the Site Audit Worksheet and associated Site Photos through the web site and procedures provided by Client Management team at the Client Training Course within 24 hours of the survey date. ? Notify Client Management team of progress (daily) and all issues in the field that appear to be different than what was rehearsed and discussed at the Client Training Course (immediately upon identification of the issue). Notify Client Management Team Immediately upon verifying a site has failed the EME Audit Testing Procedures, prior to leaving the site.