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Equipment Engineer
Job Description
The team designs and develops a host of carrier services: Voice service over LTE, 5G and WiFi, messaging service using the latest RCS standards, IoT device and data management, and regulatory compliance are some main areas of focus. Hands-on IMS experience is a must Experience on application side or telephonic application side He wants someone who can support during architect designing by doing the initial testing and troubleshooting until the product is fully baked Production network background Development testing and architectural design testing Know what different network nodes to use They will be responsible for some admin work Intake forms are taken care of Tickets that needs to get filed Qaulcomm or some other carrier experience would be good Doesn’t want someone too sr. – wants them to be self-motivated. Currently the testing and troubleshooting is being done by the validation team, but he needs someone to take that over. They will need to be independent in taking on the development testing part of things. There are a few others on the team, but this person will be reporting directly to Toaha. Top skill: IMS services trouble shooting experience