Job ID:
Tier 2 Support Engineer - TAC
Job Description
Responsible for managing customer requirements based on reports, emails and phone calls by identifying issues and taking ownership of the issue  Effectively manage all aspects of a customer’s Sev1 or Sev2 outage from start to finish  Effectively manage low severity trouble tickets including completion by due date, follow up with customer and Engineering as needed, and provide status to the customer and management  Ability to provide on-site technical support at the customer’s location if needed  Ability to develop, validate and execute the Method-of-Procedures (MOPs)  Perform advanced troubleshooting and analysis of customer data  Analyze network events and performs root cause analysis to prevent similar impairments/outages in the future  Work with Engineering/HQ to develop the RCAs as needed and provide it to customer to close off our commitment  Ability to provide high satisfaction of resolution to customers for any issue  Perform duties with limited supervision  Understand how Samsung’s equipment interacts in the customer’s network for data gathering and troubleshooting purpose  Develop customer specific reports that allow TAC to monitor/analyze the customer’s network Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or comparable experience  Knowledgeable on 4G and 5G technologies would be a plus  Cisco CCNA certification is a plus  At least 2 years in a TAC/ Tier2 support organization or equivalent experience supporting a telecommunications vendor  Experience managing trouble tickets and obtaining status from work groups  Experience troubleshooting SS7/ IS41/ MEGACO/ SIP signaling networks  Call processing experience; preferably in a wireless network  User-level experience using UNIX/ LINUX commands  Basic knowledge of IP networks (routers, protocols, VLANs etc)  Basic knowledge of transmission/ backhaul technologies (T-1, SONET, Microwave)  Experience as a telecommunications vendor is a plus  Experience/knowledge of Sprint and Verizon Wireless Network is a plus