Job ID:
RF Engineer 3
Job Description
Provide support to multi-functional team of R&D, Program Management, Core Networking, RF Engineering, Transport and Technical/Training Support to fulfill multi-technology wireless network deployment across customer markets • Understand correlation between performance issues, performance metrics, RF parameters and layer 3 messaging • Experience/knowledge of peg count/formulas and CSL data • Identify and resolve issues in network performance • Design and implementation of eFEMTO, PICO hardware in support of Special Events or in-building coverage solutions • Responsible for link budgets analysis, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic analysis, frequency planning, interference analysis and optimization • Complete optimization techniques for optimal site/cluster performance (antenna selection, tilts, neighborlist, etc) • Proficient in neighbor list, parameters, tools and audit process • Knowledge of commands, run scripts, macros, RF tools, Mapinfo • Optimize site/cluster performacne and resolve trouble tickets through reports, tools, scanner and drive test anlayisis • Complete propagation (Planet, Tornado, Wizard, Odyssey, dB Planner, etc.) for model calibration, drive test data post-processing, map generation, frequency planning and interference matrix analysis, site database maintenance, etc • Work with the Implementation and Operations Teams on the cell site’s antenna and RF equipment configuration and database parameters • Present ideas, technical and non-technical, in a logical, compelling manner in a written format and verbally