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Requisition Details for: 22-ESSER-PM-02

Requisition Details


Requisition ID : 22-ESSER-PM-02

Requisition Name : Project Manager

Customer : CO CDE  The Colorado Department of Education

Quantity Requested : 1

Estimated Duration  : 9 months with possible extension




Max Bill Rate : USD 90.00 Per  Hour

Expenses Allowed : No



Position Location : Remote


201 E Colfax Ave   Denver,  Colorado    80203-0000

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Candidate must be local.


No preference


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This role is mostly remote.  There may be occasional meetings in the office.  





 The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has been awarded ESSER, Covid Relief Funding.   This funding has been appropriated for three major projects, Data pipeline V2, Enterprise Grant management, CRM as well as some smaller efforts. 

For this role the contractor would partner with a CDE staff member to work on CDE day-to-day project work and the ESSER projects, evaluating the best fit for the projects.  This allows our staff to participate in the ESSER project work and reduce the amount of transition time needed when we transition to our new environments and new applications.  CDE will be engaging a full time, temporary, contract project manager to manage these efforts.   



SECTION 2.0     General Requirements Summary

2.1.      Please submit only those candidates that have been proven to be excellent project managers which meet the following minimum requirements.

2.1.1.      A minimum of 4 years as primary project manager.

2.1.2.      A minimum of 3 years of business analyst experience.

2.1.3.      Experience and success in managing projects of all sizes

2.1.3.      3+ years of experience in testing, writing test cases and general quality assurance knowledge

2.1.4.        Experience writhing SQL queries and/or using TOAD       

2.1.5.        In-depth knowledge generating process documentation

2.1.6.        Excellent written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills

2.1.7.        Ability to form strong relationships with all stakeholders to facilitate transparent and frequent communication

2.1.8.        Ability to create cohesive supportive project teams

2.1.9.      Strong collaboration skills

2.1.10.    Detailed analytical and problem-solving abilities

2.1.11.    Experienced in systems analysis and process engineering/re-engineering

2.1.12.    Ability to build presentations and to present

2.1.13.    Ability to co-exist in a standard office environment

2.1.14.    The ability to pass a background check

2.1.15.    Preferred: Experience working in the public sector.

2.1.16.    Preferred:  Experience working within the education sector


Please note:  A discussion and decision on work location, will occur at the time of engagement and will be dependent on the situation. 

For this role, business analyst and project manager, applicants should be prepared for a blended scenario.  Heavily weighted on the remote work with some potential for in-office work, if it is determined the project may be better served with in-office, in-person meetings and work.  We request the applicants be flexible.

3.3.1.       While working at the CDE office, CDE will provide the contractor with office space, phone, and internet access at CDE’s Colfax office subject to all applicable health and safety  

guidelines and requirements.  Contractor shall provide its their own computer hardware and software necessary to perform the Work at CDE’s facilities. 

3.3.2.       While working remotely at locations other than CDE’s office, CDE will provide the contractor with virtual access to the data and systems necessary for completion of the Work. 

3.4.      The Contractor shall coordinate and prioritize all work to ensure that all deliverables and deadlines are met. 

3.5.      The Contractor shall employ an internal quality control process to ensure that all deliverables are complete, accurate, easy to understand, and of high quality. 

3.6.      The Contractor shall provide deliverables that, at a minimum, are responsive to the specific requirements, organized into a logical order, contain no spelling or grammatical errors, formatted uniformly, and contain accurate information and correct calculations.

3.7.      Contractor shall submit each deliverable to the Supervisor of the Project Management Office for review and approval.

3.8.      The Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the project and project acceptance. 

3.9.      The Contractor shall participate in the review and revision process, until the Department provides written acceptance of a deliverable.

3.10.   The Contractor shall provide copies of any supporting documentation to the Department upon request of the Department and without charge. 

3.11.   The Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voice mails and e-mail inquiries from the Department within one (1) business day.

3.12.   The Contractor shall enable all Contractor staff to exchange documents and electronic files with the Department staff in formats compatible with the Department’s systems.  The Department currently uses Microsoft Office 365 for PC.

3.13.   Contractor shall perform all work in accordance with all applicable federal and state statutes, regulations, and rules, as now and hereafter amended.

3.14.   Contractor may be privy to internal Department policy discussions, contractual issues, financial information, or other confidential Department information.  Contractor shall also treat any such information as confidential.

3.15.   All work shall meet Department-approved format and content requirements.

3.16.   Contractor shall have and maintain all hardware, software, and interfaces necessary to access the Department’s systems without requiring any modification to the Department’s systems.  Contractor shall follow all Department policies, processes, and procedures necessary to gain access to the Department’s systems.




The purpose of this position is to facilitate the delivery of projects critical to CDE and all the districts it supports.   This role is to lead and manage business requirements, change management processes, project management and quality assurance testing for multiple CDE projects.  This individual will work on ESSER funded projects; upgrade to Data Pipeline; Customer Relationship Management implementation; and Enterprise Grant Management system implementation as needed. 


Other CDE projects which change as projects are completed and new requests are received.  For example, projects may include, but are not limited to:  High Impact Tutoring (ESSER funded), Streamlining the Teacher Licensing interface with Information Management Systems (IMS), Unified Improvement Planning and student and educator data collections, assessment systems, accountability systems and Special Education Reporting.


The partnership of this contractor and a CDE employee will allow the employee to also learn about the new MS Azure cloud environment.  This individual and the CDE employee will determine which tasks each will perform based on the timing, availability, and the specific task.  This will facilitate the learning of the employees on the ESSER projects as well and will reduce time to transition work to employees. 


This position administratively reports to the Project Management Supervisor.  On a day-to-day basis, this position will work most closely with CDE’s Data Services Unit employees, Application Development teams, Data Warehouse teams as well as other business unit customers of IMS.  This position may also interface externally with districts and other organizations as necessary to ensure successful project delivery. 


The individual in this role, is expected to become the subject matter expert (SME) for each project to which they are assigned.  The individual in this role may serve as BA, PM, QA tester as well as a leader, a coach, and a product owner throughout the project lifecycle.  They become the senior authority in their area of expertise.  They may be asked to attend and speak in depth to any audience.  This individual is the go-to person for project summary and details for senior and executive decision making.  They are expected to provide options, recommendations, risks, and benefits when consulted.   Many of their projects have the potential for enterprise-wide impact. 


This position will work closely with all levels: executives, managers, and individual contributors.  In this role, He/she must lead without direct authority over the members of project teams and must be comfortable facilitating meetings.  He/she must have the ability to prepare and present information about projects and processes to all levels.  Additionally, with all levels, he/she will need to negotiate deadlines and provide status updates. Diplomacy and professionalism are critical to the success of this role.


4.1            Business Analysis

Gather requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshop, surveys, business process descriptions, use case development and scenarios, business analysis tasks, and workflow analysis.  Listen to users and be able to represent their needs; keeping groups focused and making good recommendations

·       Assess the viability of each (non-legislated) project.  Develop high level requirements and recommendations for executive approval

·       Evaluate, document and present options for satisfying all project requests

·       Gather business requirements from all business units, using clear and concise language.  Document business functions, process flows and maintain current documentation of detailed workflow diagrams, narratives, and intersections between the various user groups.

·       Translate business and/or functional requirements into technical, system, and reporting requirements as needed

·       Identify business trends utilizing real or representative data, compile analysis reports and deliver to the technical leadership team

·       Consider and implement process changes where needed within IMS and make process improvement recommendations as appropriate for broader solution design 

·       Report on common sources of business and technical issues or questions and make recommendations for improvement.  Be on the lookout for ways to improve, discover issues, and deliver better value to the customer

·       Invest time into understanding education data, work with CDE business units to become familiar with the appropriate and legislated usage of student and educator data.

·       Lead data modeling design sessions to assist with accurately defining requirements defined by the business users 

·       Create direct channels of communication to data warehouse and application developers that get the job done with minimal managerial interjection

·       Own and develop relationships with stakeholders, working with them to optimize and enhance the outcomes

·       Be able to work within different types of Software Development Lifecycle Methodologies, agile and waterfall, understanding that the majority of CDE’s products are focused heavily on data.  Reporting of data is key to our operations, so facilitating requirements generation and documentation in a very fast and “real-time” manner is expected. 

·       Analyze functional specs and design documents and work directly with sponsors, customer stakeholders, project managers, developers, and end-user groups to ensure software functionality and technical design requirements are met.  Ensure the level of documentation is appropriate for the need, i.e., on longer software development projects, more documentation is appropriate.  For reporting projects, scaled down documentation is necessary, while ensuring the key elements are documented while maintaining repeatability and consistency.  This individual will need to know when and how to scale project documentation or artifacts based on project size, complexity and sometimes visibility. 

Develop comprehensive business and technical requirements suitable for the audience (technical/business).


4.2.        Project Management

Provide project management support for projects as needed. This includes support through the entire life cycle of the project. Including processes and artifacts as needed by the project.  Act as liaison between the IMS technical team and business unit subject matter experts, bridging the gap between technology and business language.


Some projects are too small and do not need a project manager. Work with the development teams to determine if a project does not need the attention of a project manager.

·       Implement a comprehensive management plan for designated projects and hold regular stakeholder meetings to keep all interested parties updated on project progress

·       May also serve as BA, project manager, QA tester for projects.

·       Serve as product owner in the absence of a customer product owner.  Coach the customers to serve in a product owner role as needed.

·       Evaluate and determine based on the size and complexity of a project which artifacts need to be created.  Including but not limited to:

o   Project Charter

o   Communication Plan (frequency and need for meetings, status reports, etc.)

o   Roles and Responsibilities

o   Risk/Mitigation Plan

o   Project Schedule

o   Create and manage risk, decision and action logs

o   Monitor Project Cost

o   Project Status

o   Project Lessons Learned

o   Project templates

o   System, Application and User testing

o   Create Use cases

o   User acceptance testing

o   Process mapping and re-engineering


·       The businessperson must be able to have confidence the BA/PM understands their project and is competent to translate their needs to the technicians.  In the absence of the businessperson, the BA/PM should understand the engagement well enough to communicate the significance and details on behalf of the business contact.

·       Likewise, this person will need to be able to communicate their understanding of the technology with the technical team to provide detailed requirements. 


4.3.   Quality Assurance

Evaluate business rules and requirements, write test documents; test plans, test cases, and test reports for all phases of testing including functional, regression, integration, and user acceptance tests.

·       Perform manual testing and build reusable test automation for future use

·       Manage the issue tickets and assign them to the appropriate developer

·       Help troubleshoot issues by using tools such as TOAD and SQL

·       Create detailed test plans, tests cases and document the results of testing

·       Perform quality assurance testing

·       Assist and guide the end user to participate in user acceptance tests



Days : Monday  Yes Tuesday  Yes Wednesday  Yes Thursday  Yes Friday  Yes Saturday  No Sunday  No

Hours/Day : 8

Time Zone : MST



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