Job ID:
Drive Tester
Applications Invited from Countries:
United States
Job Description
  • Required to know Data Collection with XCAL and XCAP.

Drive test team consist of a Drive tester + Car. Gas is included in the rate.

-Performing single site verification, and integration testing and validation.
-Perform Data collection for 4G/5G network.
- Perform calibration, verification and live drive testing of E-911
- Plot sites and drive test routes utilizing DeLorme Street Atlas for

speed tests
- Successfully executed Acceptance Test Performance (ATP) drive
test, monitored handovers, and Speed test for base stations and
customer locations and documented test results
- Verify the diversity and the main branch for new sites on air
- Check for poor coverage and cell interference
- Perform maintenance and troubleshooting for XCAL, scanner(s),
devices, and document test results
- Upload all data collected (daily)
- Additional testing procedures as required based on project