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The Technology Procurement Coordinator is responsible for performing duties related to procurement coordination of applications, network and information technology infrastructure for the Connecticut Information Sharing System (CISS). The Connecticut Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Governing Board oversees the operation of CISS and other critical criminal justice information systems applications and projects. The position has responsibility for ‘demand to stock’ planning and coordination of IT-related vendor activities including purchase order requisitions/data packages, change orders, tracking software licenses and contract expiration dates, schedules for maintenance payments, inventory management, and coordination with other agencies which provide centralized supply chain functions. This position does not have actual purchasing responsibilities nor signature authority, such as placing of purchase orders.


This position will take the role under minimal supervision to coordinate, monitor, and report on all activities as well as coordinate special projects as needed while working collaboratively with other staff, public safety entities, and vendors. High level attention to detail, consistent reliability and response during normal work hours is required.


Reporting position: The Technology Procurement Coordinator reports to the CJIS Executive Director but will also take direction from the CJIS Program Manager and work collaboratively with CJIS project managers, operations managers, finance managers, solutions architect for hardware/software security solutions, and peers at other agencies.

Specific Services Required


  • Collaborate with IT team members to assemble and coordinate the procurement documentation packages for staff augmentation requests, software and hardware acquisitions; including planned upgrades and maintenance, ensure full funding for  associated maintenance licenses, support solution life cycle activities, including through deployment and decommissioning.
  • Work with Finance to coordinate invoices and timely processing through A/P
  • Work with leadership to identify and define processes and overall flow for procurement paperwork, issues, and opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Help ensure timely delivery of technology products (hardware and software) within allocated budget and schedule; coordinate vendor quotes/research on system upgrades for IT team members who will determine feasibility, cost, time required, and compatibility with current systems.
  • Prepare cost comparisons of equipment and software considered for purchasing
  • Assist in technology policy, processes, and procedures for procurement documentation within the CJIS Team
  • Stays current on advancements in technology; identifies and assesses opportunities to improve processes for the benefit of internal users and the public.
  • Other business operations tasks as assigned by senior staff-must be flexible and receptive to supporting
  • Meet on-time and in full all SLAs for assigned responsibilities
  • Develop and maintain trusting stakeholder relationships across Operations, Business and Agency stakeholders 
  • Represents CJIS with dignity, integrity, and a spirit of cooperation in all relationships with staff and the public.


Required Skills/Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  •  Bachelor’s Degree with course work in technology, supply chain management, business, criminal justice or a closely related field; AND minimum two (2) years of professional-level experience in information systems administration or procurement; OR an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience. Experience in public safety or public sector is desired. Certifications are desired.
  • Working knowledge of public safety software and applications is desired.
  • Software procurement experience mandatory
  • Knowledge of excel, pivot tables, data analytics and reporting, ERP systems
  • Experience with obtaining quotes following procedures
  • Vendor liaison
  • Creation of databases containing contracting and costing information
  • Record keeping principles and practices.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Performing administration support in a highly detailed fashion including managing large spreadsheets with no error
  • Communicating effectively in oral and written forms.
  • Working with users, staff, and vendors to troubleshoot and resolve procurement problems with paperwork and systems.
  • Training others in policies and procedures related to technology procurement and workflow
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Establishing priorities, coordinating multiple activities, and meeting critical deadlines established by others.
  • Reading, interpreting, and formulating specifications and contracts.




Deliverables:                                    As instructed

Work Schedule:                               Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

State Resources and Oversight:     Work station and supervision by CJIS Executive Director

Security/Privacy Considerations: Pass Background Investigation, sign confidentiality statement

General/Miscellaneous:                  All work product property of the CJIS Governing Board.  Travel expense paid by vendor not CJIS.

Point of Contact:                            

                                               Executive Director

                                               CJIS Governing Board

                                               55 Farmington Avenue; 11th Floor

                                               Hartford, CT 06105



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Hours/Day: 8

Time Zone: EST



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Information Systems Admin


minimum two (2) years of professional-level experience in information systems administration or procurement


Novice (1-3 Years)






Bachelor's Degree


Bachelor’s Degree with course work in technology, supply chain management, business, criminal justice or a closely related field


Proficient (4-6 Years)



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