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Product Manager
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United States
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Requisition Details for: Product Manager Revision

Requisition Details


Requisition ID: Product Manager Revision

Requisition Name : Product Manager

Customer: CO CDPHE

Quantity Requested: 1

Estimated Duration: 6+ months



Position Location : Remote

Address : Denver, CO


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Candidate Must Be Local


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Brief Duty Description Product Manager:  

The position is responsible for strategic design, development, management, implementation, and evaluation of disease surveillance technology solutions. The position is responsible for eliciting input from stakeholders, anticipating their engagement needs, and providing regular communication to them on progress and next steps. This role builds statewide and local partnerships; serves as a highly effective liaison between us and our partners and between the product stakeholders and the implementation team; and provides a clear and transparent channel of two-way communication for planning, challenges, and solutions to shared problems. 


Responsibilities include the following:

  • Providing a product vision and serving as a champion of user perspectives to the implementation team. 
  • In collaboration with leadership and technology experts, evaluating solutions for their business value, usability, accessibility, sustainability (including total cost of ownership), scalability, interoperability, and security compliance.
  • Training transitioning in Permanent positions once onboarded on pertinent roles and responsibilities. 
  • Establishing and prioritizing product roadmaps, in collaboration with stakeholders and the implementation team.
  • Creating and managing an actionable backlog in the form of clearly written epics, themes, user stories, and acceptance criteria, in collaboration with the implementation team.
  • Helping the implementation team and stakeholders make business trade-offs between near-term and long-term product goals.
  • Leading product release planning with technical and business stakeholders and setting expectations for delivery of new functionality.
  • Ensuring internal product stakeholders’ needs and expectations are met. 
  • Serving as the interface between internal and outside vendors. 
  • Driving open communication regarding the product with the stakeholders and implementation team. 
  • Collaborating proactively with UI/UX team, product implementation team, and other product owners to maintain the product roadmap, business outcomes, and goals.
  • Establishing the environment necessary to operate as a high-performing, cohesive, cross-functional team in partnership with stakeholders and vendors.
  • Promoting transparency by helping team members communicate and drive towards common goals.
  • Supporting team members by helping them clear any challenges they may encounter. 
  • Making recommendations on the most appropriate and impactful path towards partnerships, based on feedback from stakeholders. 
  • Building a streamlined and transparent process for stakeholders to provide product feedback, as well as a mechanism to document actions taken based on this feedback.
  • Create a statewide environment where stakeholders are represented consistently and appropriately in product decisions.
  • Building greater understanding and consensus between stakeholders.
  • Creating a pathway to quickly connect stakeholders to valuable resources to help them be more effective.
  • Serving as the liaison between stakeholders and the implementation team.
  • Other related duties as assigned by leadership.


Education/ Experience: 

  • Facilitating discovery sessions and documenting how addressing the identified service challenges would align with strategic objectives and the product roadmap. 
  • Providing insight as to how a proposed technology solution would impact existing systems.
  • Soliciting and documenting key decision criteria. 
  • Making recommendations on buying, building, or sunsetting technology solutions. 
  • Identifying the resources needed to solve an operational efficiency or technology development problem.
  • Creating an execution plan and establishing a delivery cadence.
  • Coaching team members on collaborative practices that promote agility and alignment with product goals.
  • Position must rely on expert knowledge and experience to craft wholly new projects, processes, and strategies to facilitate solutions. 
  • Experience in delivering digital products and services, establishing strong, cross-functional relationships across different disciplines and teams, and using customer data and user research to drive an organization to become more user-centric.
  • Practical experience in information technology and public health.
  • Department, division, and branch strategic plans.


Days: Monday  Yes Tuesday  Yes Wednesday  Yes Thursday  Yes Friday  Yes Saturday  No Sunday  No

Hours/Day: 8

Time Zone: MST



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8:00 AM


5:00 PM






Max Rate: USD 57.00 Per  Hour

Expenses Allowed: No


















Product Management




Proficient (4-6 Years)