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SalesForce Developer
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United States
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Requisition Details for: DSS_SFD_001

Requisition Details


Requisition ID: DSS_SFD_001

Requisition Name : Salesforce Programmer/Developer

Customer : CT DSS - Connecticut Department of Social Services

Quantity Requested : 5

Estimated Duration : 02/15/2023 - 12/31/2023




Max Rate: USD 115.00 Per  Hour

Expenses Allowed: No



Position Location : Hybrid


55 Farmington Avenue   Hartford,  Connecticut    06107

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Location Requirements



Please select any location requirements that apply to this position


Local candidates preferred


Candidate must be local or willing to commute or relocate. 




Additional Location Details (City, State) :


Currently hybrid position - some telework and some in person required.





Please note all work for this effort needs to be done on US Soil. The candidate cannot be working outside the US. DSS is in a hybrid model with a potential to go onsite 100%. Candidate is expected to report onsite for days provided by the state.

Potential to extend for multiple years if budget is approved.

 Salesforce certifications required


Required Skills

  • Strong Lightning web component development experience
  • Rich front end UI/UX developer (must possess strong html5/css experience)
  • Strong Java Script/JQuery experience
  • Strong Apex programming skills
  • Strong visualforce page development experience
  • Experience working in Enterprise level applications
  • Experience in Agile development methodology
  • Preferred experience and knowledge in ETL/integration tools
  • Experience in MuleSoft integration
  • Experience with DB2, SQL Server
  • Experience in Salesforce Community development
  • Experience in constituent e-signing solutions is a plus
  • Salesforce application testing and SWS domain a plus
  • Experience in Webservices REST API
  • Experience in Java/J2EE


The effort relates to SalesForce platform administration, deployments, hands on development and any SalesForce support needed by the State.

Required Skills/Experience

All applicants for this Statement of Work must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in software development. Please indicate knowledge and experience related to these areas on résumés.

  • Perform hands on application development in platform including architecture, design, coding, configuration, maintenance and installation
  • Responsible for creating deliverables (requirements specifications, design deliverable, status reports, project plans)
  • Work closely with the business teams involving discussing trade-offs with other technology such as .NET versus the code in place, or mapping the functional requirements to Salesforce functionality
  • Develop medium to Complex SF solutions to ensure that best practices are followed, and the best data solutions are provided.
  • Create technical plans and strategies with other IT team members, developing solutions to address any agency-wide issues and making business processes more efficient.
  • Conduct workshops/training for other team members in the IT Team to gain a detailed understanding of the Salesforce Solution, business requirements and Salesforce Platform Capabilities.


Contract Timeline and Work Schedule:  DSS expects to engage the local consultant or as soon as the paperwork is processed and potentially last for one (1) year, with the possibility of an extension based on DSS’s needs.  All work will be performed in eight (8) hour shifts, 5 days per week, between 7:45am and 5:30pm on normal scheduled business days (Monday to Friday), excluding State holidays and furlough days.  Payment will be on a time and material basis and paid only for hours worked. Should there be restrictions or changes in budget, DSS can change the obligation of this contractor.

Deliverables:  The descriptions under “Scope of Work” form a guide to the anticipated work, as it is currently envisioned.  These tasks may be adjusted, reduced, or expanded as the project progresses through various phases.  The consultant(s) shall be expected to maintain and provide written documentation on any work performed in conjunction with this engagement. 

State Resources and Oversight:  The State will provide support and guidance to the consultant(s) selected for this project.  The DSS IT Manager will be responsible for coordination of resources and services with consultant.

The consultant(s) will:

  • Maintain project communications
  • Comply with DSS policies and procedures
  • Review and provide feedback on measurable and achievable deliverables daily, review timelines with the project manager
  • Provide daily status on the deliverables for the day
  • Work with team members to facilitate technical sessions
  • Address and/or escalate issues or risks to deliverables in a timely manner to prevent delays in schedules
  • Use the DSS-supplied shared site to store and collaborate on project documentation
  • Be responsible for reviewing project tasks, schedules, and resources and make changes or additions, as appropriate, measuring and evaluating progress against the Project Management Plan (PMP) with DSS
  • Address and resolve deviations from the PMP
  • Participate in regularly scheduled project status meetings
  • Prepare and submit Weekly Status Reports to the DSS IT Manager
  • Follow the Project Change Control Procedure
  • Resolve deviations from the estimated schedule
  • Review the monthly project status, acting on issues, actions and recommendation set forth in the Weekly Status Reports
  • Formats for regular reports and issue logs will also be established.
  • Respond to emails in a timely manner
  • Attend, in person, critical meetings as determined by DSS. A schedule, as well as a regular time and format for these meetings, will be established.

Consultants who fail to meet the requirements of the duties stated above, including providing quality deliverables on time, DSS may take the following steps:

  • After the first lapse, DSS may provide a verbal warning to the consultant.
  • Failure to correct the behavior or after a second lapse, DSS may issue a written warning to the consultant, including a copy to the vendor.
  • Failure to correct the behavior or after a third lapse, DSS may take further actions, including, but not limited to, termination of the engagement.

Security/Privacy Considerations:  Information accessible by the consultant(s) may be sensitive, confidential or subject to the Privacy Act and/or HIPAA.  The consultant(s) must be familiar with and comply with the provisions of appropriate regulations and/or instructions.  Signing of a confidentiality agreement and taking the mandatory DSS security and compliance online training will be required.  The display of an access badge will be required at all times that the consultant(s) is present in the facility.



Days: Monday  Yes Tuesday  Yes Wednesday  Yes Thursday  Yes Friday  Yes Saturday  No Sunday  No

Hours/Day: 8

Time Zone: EST



Start Time


End Time






Shift 1

8:00 AM


5:00 PM