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Construction Manager 3
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United States
Job Description

Scope of Work: Construction Manager Accountable for all Civil Works and associated financial control via Scheduling (time), SP/ASP and Quality Management on a given project. Ensure that all Service Providers are adhering to Client standards, processes and procedures as well as all Federal and Local standards. Identifies continuous improvement opportunities. External Interfaces: ASP/SP, Customer PM Internal Interfaces: IM Lead, Project Admin, Project Sponsor, CPM RESPONSIBILITIES: • Assess and control charges to the agreed site design • Assures that: o Only Customer’s approved materials are installed on the project o The agreed Civil Works guidelines and schedules are followed and enforced. • Attend coordination and progress meetings • Awareness and on-site supervision during where risk of disturbances in customer site performance is high. • Check that the working environment is maintained at an acceptable level, carry out safety inspections and ensure that tools, etc. are in good working condition. • Civil Works problem solving as required during the project. • Coordinates site activities and assures that all disciplines directly involved in the project are in phase with the Project goals and objectives. • Drive schedule activities and trouble-shooting results. • Ensure that: o Service Providers and vendors/suppliers meet all the technical specifications with respect to E/// and customer specifications. o Workmanship quality of the installations done by the Service Providers is within the Contract, Client standards and Customer expectations. o All Client, Federal, Local, and customer safety guidelines and construction procedures are enforced during the entire Civil Works phase of the project. • Knowledge in workers safety and work environment safety. • Perform: o Site pre-inspections and coordinate post-construction audits. o Site verification. o Visual inspection of quality on site. • Prepares regular interval progress reports as required by the project • Provide accurate status information on the progress to project management. • Provide technical assistance to the Service Providers and any other suppliers that provide services associated with the Civil Works activities. • Reject wrong deliveries of material to site. • Report bad performance and quality on site. • Responsible for the proper interpretation and compliance of the civil design plans. • Supervise, coordinate and monitor works with the Service Providers and other disciplines that have an interface with the Civil Works part of the project. • Team leadership focusing on quality and results. • Write claims, order and return materials. • Maintain and update construction-specific areas of Site Handler including but not limited to the following: o SOW and preconstruction documents (NTP, SOW, RFDS, safety guidance, QA standards, etc) o NTP receipt verification o RFDS submission review and changes o Civils acceptance documents, submission receipt, review and approval o Civils progress PFA verification (daily) o Close out document review and acceptance sign off Construction Manager 3 – CM3 Has highly developed knowledge and skills. INVESTIGATES and SOLVES complex problems that require substantial analysis by DEVELOPING existing procedures, techniques and methods. IMPELS improvement and change. Can GUIDE and LEAD others in the work. EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of 5 years of experiance: o Job-related experience with project builds over 500 sites PREREQUISITE REQUIRED TRAINING/CERTIFICATIONS: Supplier is responsible for ensuring that Personnel have the necessary qualifications and certifications required to perform the Work described herein prior to beginning Work, including OSHA30, RF Awareness, CPR/First Aid, and Ergonomics and any refresher training required to maintain such certifications. Supplier is responsible for tracking and will pay for forty (40) hours of training required for the Work per 12-month period including training fees, all training time, and any travel expenses and compensable travel time required to attend training. Client will be responsible for time attending required weekly safety shorts and any additional training that is required for the Work and approved in advance by the Client Resource Manager. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: *Note that Supplier is responsible for compensable travel time and expenses related to ensuring Personnel is in the Base Market at the start of the assignment and for Personnel’s demobilization out of the Base Market at the end of the assignment. In addition, Supplier is responsible for paying Personnel for compensable travel time to the first work site as designated by Client and from the last worksite back home or to the hotel. Travel time (as opposed to mileage reimbursement) shall not be charged to Client and Client shall not pay Supplier for any such time. Personnel may charge compensable travel time between worksites during a workday in Client’s time and expense tool. Supplier is also responsible for paying Personnel for all administrative time, for example, time spent setting up a computer, communicating with Supplier, completing paperwork or training required by Supplier, entering time into Supplier’s timekeeping system, etc. No administrative time may be charged to Client or entered in Agency Handler without approval by the Client Resource Manager. Bill rates include, and Supplier is responsible for (i) all reasonable living expenses within the Base Market; (ii) a smart phone with WiFi tethering, (iii) a laptop computer appropriate to meet the requirements of the assignment, and (iv) any other tools reasonably requested by Client in order to meet the requirements of the assignment. Supplier is required to have its own timekeeping system to accurately record all hours worked by Personnel. Supplier is responsible for ensuring Personnel accurately record all time worked (whether it is chargeable to Client or not) in Supplier’s timekeeping system and properly paying Personnel for that time, including any compensable travel time, training time, administrative time, etc., as applicable. Client’s time and expense tool is not to be used as a timekeeping tool or payroll tool for Personnel. It should only be used to report time actually worked that is chargeable to Client that Client has agreed to pay under the terms of the Agreement. No other time should be entered.